Annotated Bibliography

Kapur, A., M. Benning, and G. Tzanetakis. 2004. Query-by-beat-boxing: Music retrieval for the DJ. Proceedings of the International Conference on Music Information Retrieval.

This paper discusses a method of using beatboxing as a means to retrieve similar-sounding drum loops from a bank of recorded drum loop sounds. The authors discuss the analysis features used as well as the classification of three different drum sounds (bass, snare, hihat). They introduce the "Bionic BeatBoxing Voice Processor", a performance tool that allows a user to generate a drum-sample sequence by beatboxing.

Nakano, T., J. Ogata, M. Goto, and Y. Hiraga. 2004. A drum pattern retrieval method by voice percussion. Proceedings of the International Conference on Music Information Retrieval.

Describes a method of using syllabic representations of drum sounds (eg Don, Ta, Ton). The authors did user studies to determine which syllables were more prevalent to represent two drum sounds, bass and snare. A second experiment had people attempt to retrieve specific drum loops by matching the inter-onset-times of their vocal drum sounds to a set of symbolically represented drum patterns.

Hazan, A. 2005. Towards automatic transcription of expressive oral percussive performances. Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces.
The author describes a system that attempts to distinguish between four drum sounds (bass, snare, closed hihat, open hihat). He discusses the 28 temporal and spectral analysis features used.