Sample System for Storage and Delivery of Digital Images

(all prices are in US dollars)

The basic premise of this configuration is the assumption that most of the data on this server will not change much once the digitization process is complete, thus the use of DVDs for long-term storage and relatively small number of tapes for backup. These specifications, however, will constantly change, for example, 400GB Ultrium/LTO tapes are already available.

Basic cost of storage media:

  • $0.71/GB (hard disk) $0.23/GB(Ultrium tape) $0.09/GB (DVD) 2005/04
  • $1.50/GB (hard disk) $0.25/GB(Ultrium tape) $0.15/GB (DVD) 2003/04

Details and alternatives



  • RAID 0: Striping
  • RAID 1: Mirror
  • RAID 10: Mirror+striping
  • RADI 5: Distributed parity

Created: 2003.04.03 Modified: Ichiro Fujinaga
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