Corey Kereliuk, March 1, 2007

Assignment #5 - Beat Tracking

Link to presentation: pdf

Link to Beat Tracking summary: pdf

Annotated Bibliography

Alonso, M., D. Bertrand and R. Gael. 2004. Tempo and beat estimation of musical signals. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval. 158--64

This is an article describing a beat tracking algorithm presented at ISMIR 2004.  This system uses spectral flux onset detection.  It was the best performing system in the 2004 MIREX competition.

Dixon, S. 2006a.  MIREX 2006 Audio beat tracking evaluation: BeatRoot. [cited.  Available from  Last accessed March 1, 2007]

This is an article describing the BeatRoot beat tracking system.  This system also uses spectral flux onset detection, as well as multiple detection agents.  This system was the best performing system in the 2006 MIREX competition

Dixon, S. 2006b. Onset detection revisited. Proceedings of th 9th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects. 133--7

This article has more specific details on onset detection using spectral flux feature analysis