Corey Kereliuk, January 18, 2007

Assignment #2 - Standards and Representations

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Annotated Bibliography

Coalson, Josh. FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec 2006 [cited. Available from
This is the web page for the free lossless audio codec (FLAC). The page includes general information, news, downloads, a comparison of flac with other lossless codecs, and documentation of the FLAC standard.

Makhoul, J. 1975. Linear prediction: A tutorial review. Proceedings of the IEEE 63 (4):561-80
This paper gives an overview of linear prediction for discrete signals. In this paper both the pole-zero, and all-pole models are discussed. The autoregressive and covariance methods of finding predictor coefficients are described. The Levinson-Durbin algorithm for finding autoregressive and reflection coefficients is also described.

Zoelzer, U. 2002. DAFx – Digital Audio Effects. 303-10. New York: John Wiley and Sons
Chapter 9 discusses source-filter models including the channel vocoder, linear predictive coding (LPC), and cepstrum. Section 9.2.2 describes LPC analysis and synthesis filters. There are many block diagrams, graphs, and Matlab code listings included in the chapter.

Golomb, S. W. 1966. Run-length encodings. IEEE Transactions On Information Theory 12:399-401.

A description of Golomb entropy coding technique (of which Rice coding is a subset). As with other entropy coding techniques, Golomb coding takes advantage of the probability distribution of a data set, so that it can assign shorter code words to more likely outputs.