Literature review by Anssi Klapuri

  • Melody transcription (McNab, et al.) for query by humming
  • Real-time pitch tracking (Andrew Choi, Kuhn, etc.)
  • Blackboard polyphonic transcription (Kashino, Martin)
  • Piano music transcription (Dixon, OMRAS: Juan-Pablo Bello, et. al))
  • Works by Masataka Goto (e.g. Melody and Bass)
  • Works by Anssi Klapuri and others at Tampere University of Technology (e.g. polyphonic, locating drums, meter, separation)
  • Historical overview: Chafe, et.a l. 1985, Dannenberg 1985, Moorer 1975, Piszczalski & Galler 1977, Schloss 1985, Vercoe 1984.
  • Beat and tempo tracking from audio or MIDI
  • Beat-box transcription (Nakano et al. 2004; Kapur. et al. 2004; Hazan 2005)
  • MUMT611 (2007): Transcriptions
Created: 2003.01.15 Modified: Ichiro Fujinaga
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