Here is an annotated bibliography for my presentation of Assignment 2.

The format is modified version of style "Chicago 15th B", in EndNote X2.

[1] Campbell, Demot, Edward Jones, and Martin Glavin. Audioquality assessment techniques - A review, and recent developments. Signal Processing 89 (2009):11.

Describes the PEAQ psychoacoustic and cognitive models.

[2] Creusere, Charles D., Rahul Vanam, and Kumar D. Kallakuri. An Objective Metric of Human Subjective Audio Quality Optimized for a Wide Range of Audio Fidelities. IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 16 (1) (2008).

Describes the authors' improvements on ITU recommendation BS.1387 by increasing the audio fidelity range of the test signals.

[3] Fries, Bruce, and Marty Fries. Digital Audio Essentials, O’Reilly digital studio: O'Reilly Media, Inc., 2005

Describes the principles of lossy and lossless compression as well as the features shared by most audio formats. Includes discussions on licensing and the market for audio formats.

[4] Pras, Amandine, Rachel Zimmerman, Daniel Levitin, and Catherine Guastavino. "Subjective evaluation of mp3 compression for different musical genres". Paper presented at the 127th Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York, NY, USA, 2009

Describes findings in subjective audio quality evaluation at high bitrates, differences between acoustic and electric music, and differences between subjects coming from the fields of sound engineering and music performance.

[5] European Broadcasting Union Project Group B/AIM. EBU Listening Tests on Internet Audio Codecs, EBU Technical Review, 2000

Describes the European Brodacasting Union's MUSHRA method (recommendation BS.1534) for audio quality evaluation, as well as a series of tests based on this method, and their results.

[6] ITU Radiocommunication Assembly. Recommendation ITU-R BS.1387-1 - Method for objective measurements of perceived audio quality, 2001

Specifies the changes brought to Recommendation BS.1387, for eight classes of applications.

[7] European Broadcasting Union Project Group B/AIM. EBU Subjective Listening Tests on Low-Bitrate Audio Codecs, EBU Listening Tests, 2003

Describes more recent tests than the 2000 EBU document, with codecs implementing Spectral Band Replication, and confirms the observation that audio content affects the quality of encoded signals.