MPEG-1 Presentation


These documents are mostly dealing on the technical aspects related to MPEG-1 standard such that psychoacoustics, perceptual coding, entropy coding and designs of audio coders.

Ambikairajah, E. & al. Auditory masking and MPEG-1 audio compression, Electronics & Communication Engineering Journal, 1997
This paper provides a precise study on the auditory masking effect and of its use in perceptual coding. In the third part, it gives an overview of the MPEG-1 standard.

Brandenburg, K. & Bosi, M. Overview of MPEG Audio: Current and Future Standards for Low-Bit-Rate Audio Coding, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 1997, Vol. Vol. 45(No. 1/2)
This paper provides a comparative overview of the different audio coding standards (MPEG-1, AC-2,...) in 1997 and present the "future" MPEG-4 standard. Brandenburg is one of the main designers of OCF and ASPEC algorithms which inspired MP3 standard.

Painter, T. & Spanias, A. Perceptual Coding of Digital Audio, Proceedings of IEEE, 2000, Vol. Vol. 88(No. 4)
This paper provides a very extensive study of the perceptual coding with an overview of most of the audio coders (MUSICAM, OCF,...) and standards (MPEG-1,...) using it. At the end of the paper, there is a discussion about quality measures for perceptual audio coding.

Painter, T. & Spanias, A. A Review of Algorithms for Perceptual Coding of Digital Audio Signals, Digital Signal Processing, 1997
This paper was made on the same purpose than the previous one but three years earlier. It is less dense and don't deal with quality measures but still provides a lot of information about coding and coders.

Pan, D. A Tutorial on MPEG/Audio Compression, IEEE MultiMedia, IEEE Computer Society, 1995, Vol. 2(2), pp. 60-74
This paper is a quite detailed presentation of the MPEG-1 standard.

Pan, D.Y. Digital Audio Compression, Digital Technical Journal, 1993, Vol. 5
This paper is a comparison between different techniques of audio compression (μ-law, ADPCM, MPEG-1)

Kahrs, M. and Brandenburg, K. Applications of digital signal processing to audio and acoustics, Kluwer Academic Publishers
, 1998
Chapter 2 deals with perceptual coding and MPEG audio standards (MPEG-1/MPEG-2).

Mallat, S. Traitement du Signal, Ecole Polytechnique, 2000
Introduction to analog and digital signal processing mathematical aspects. Chapter 7 of this course book deals with entropy coding (e.g. Huffman coding) and quantization. Chapter 8 deals with signal compression.

Pohlmann, K.C. Principles of Digital Audio, McGraw-Hill Professional, 2000

Extensive overview of modern digital audio. Chapter ten deals with perceptual coding aspects, the associate standards (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AC,...) and performance evaluation of perceptual coders.