MPEG7 Overview Annotated Bibliography
Manjunath, B. S., P. Salembier, et al. 2002. Introduction to MPEG-7 : multimedia content description interface. Chichester, England ; New York, Wiley.
This book written by people who contributed to the development of MPEG-7 presents an overview of the principles and concepts involved in audiovisual material indexing, metadata description, information retrieval and browsing, and how this topics are defined and implemented in MPEG-7. The accompanying CD-ROM has demonstration software and the eXperimentation model (XM) MPEG reference software.
Kim, H.-G., N. Moreau, et al. 2005. MPEG-7 audio and beyond : audio content indexing and retrieval. Chichester, England ; Hoboken, NJ, Wiley.
This book focuses in audio characteristics of the MPEG-7 standard. It presents the fundamentals of MPEG-7 audio, its low-level descriptors, sound classification and similarity tools. Also, spoken content description, and timbre, melody and tempo music description tools are presented. In addition, examples of audio technology beyond the scope of MPEG-7 are presented.
ISO/MPEG N4674, Overview of the MPEG-7 Standard, v 10.0, J.M. Martínez, ed., MPEG Requirements Group, Palma de Mallorca, España, Oct. 2004.
The ISO document stating the MPEG-7 standard, explaining pieces of technology involved and sort of applications supported by this technology.
Casey, M. 2003. Music Processing with MPEG-7 Low Level Audio Descriptors (DAFx03 presentation)
A presentation on MPEG-7 low level audio descriptors and how this are useful for audio processing, such as music unmixing and sound replacement.
Day, N. 2001. MPEG-7 Applications: Multimedia Content Retrieval (IMA Workshop 6B Digital Libraries: Classification, Retrieval and Visualization)
A presentation on MPEG-7 and its applications on multimedia content retrieval. It comes with contextual information about the changes in bandwidth usage, which permits understand the necessity for MPEG-7
Lai, C., I. Fujinaga, et al. 2005. Metadata for phonograph records: facilitating new forms of use and access to analog sound recordings. Proceedings of the 5th ACM/IEEE-CS joint conference on Digital libraries. Denver, CO, USA.
A paper oriented to the extraction of metadata for phonograph records. It establishes some points for which MPEG-7 is not practical for this application.