Physical Modeling (Fujinaga)


David P. Berbeners (horn)
Perry R. Cook
Gary P. Scavone (woodwind)
Julius O. Smith
Vesa Välimäki

Yamaha VL1

Välimäki, et al. ICMC96. An Improved Digital Waveguide Model of a Flute.


Audio examples
Sibelius Academy (acousitic guitar)
Sibelius Academy Laurson (acoustic guitar)
HUT (acoustic guitar and banjo)
HUT - Penttinen  (acoustic and electric guitar)
HUT (clavichord)
VL-1 (bowed double bass, clarinet, flute)


Reflectance, transmittance , and directivity of a pipe (Scavone ICMC99 p.2)

Tonehole model & WX11 mod (Scavone & Cook ISMA98 p. 4 & p.6)
Frequency and phase response of open and close hole (Scavone & Smith ISMA97 p. 3)
Frequency response of open hole and  model (Välimäki Thesis Chap 2. Fig. 2.19-20, p. 61-2)

Commuted, sympathic vibration, etc. (Karjalainen, et al. p. 3)
Body response (Smith)
See also STK: mandolin.cpp


Simplified bowed strings (Smith CMJ92)

Commuted piano synthesis (Van Duyne & Smith ICMC94)
One degree of freedom
Stiffness -> allpas filter of order 4-6
Coupling of a string (2 transverse, 1 longitudial)  x three strings -> 9 waveguide strings
Hammer => 3 x FIR filter