Synthesis Theory

Course Outline   (fall, 2000)


Final project (Due 00/12/19, 11:59pm)

Write a program that perform phase vocoder in realtime. Use Moorer's algorithm and compare with a version using FFTw.

Assignment #6 (Due 00/11/21, 2:30pm)

Write two versions of convolution: straight and FFT. Compare the results.

Assignment #5 (Due 00/11/07, 2:30pm)

Implement a DFT and an FFT program based on Moore (p.66 and p.88). Use his test programs to make sure they are working. Also test with the following input source with different lengths. Show results.

Assignment #4 (Due 00/10/03, 2:30pm)

Using pd or MSP, write a patch for general FM synthesis. Also, using Chowning's data, make the following FM instruments: brass-like, woodwind-like, bell-like, wooden-drum, and soprano sounds. The information can also be found in Dodge & Jerse book.

Assignment #3 (Due 00/10/03, 2:30pm)

Using Csound, reproduce as accurately as possible, the following vibraphone excerpt. Use additive or FM synthesis to simulate the vibraphone sound. The motor should start up slowly. Note also that the B-flat is dampened by a mallet.

Assignment #2 (Due 00/09/26, 2:30pm)

Write a program to calculate the signal-to-noise levels of table lookup methods for different table sizes. Compare truncation, rounding, and linear interpolation. Compare execution times with sin() function. Show the effect of compiler optimization levels.

Assignment #1 (Due 00/09/19, :302pm)
  1. Write a program to show empirically the quantization error of analog-to-digital conversion. List the signal-to-noise levels of 1-bit to 32-bit conversions.
  2. Write a prototype of audio server that plays an AIFF file and/or thru.
  3. Download and evaluate Linux-based software synthesizers, e.g:
  4. Download and evaluate Linux-based audio editors, e.g:

Ichiro Fujinaga 2000.09.12