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Final Exam: 1 May 1997

Textbook: M. Waite & S. Prata. 1993. New C Primer Plus, 2nd edition.

Assignment #22 (Due: Noon: 1 May 1997)

Write a MAX external object incorporating some part of Sound Manager. It may be as simple as a Beep object or an AIFF player.

Assignment #21 (Due: 15 April 1997)

Write a FAT binary movavg MAX extenal object that calculates and outputs the moving average of float input. The number of terms in the average should be speicified in the argument of movavg or if not specified, defaults to a certain number. Hint: You should use a circular queue.

Assignment #20 (Due: 3 April 1997)

Write a FAT binary diff MAX external object similar to the add object.

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