Synthesis Theory

Final Exam (Fujinaga, December 1996)

(5 points per question)

1. A table lookup oscillator uses a table with 512 values that defines one cycle of oscillator's wave form. If the sampling rate is 32000 Hz, what sampling increment will produce the frequency of 625 Hz. Explain.

2. What is a crossfade? Explain its application in a sampler.

3. Iomega Jaz disk is capable of storing 1 Gbytes of data. Approximately how many minutes of CD-quality stereo sound can one store on this disk.

4. What is QuickTime MIDI Instrument? What are its applications and benefits to the field of computer technology?

5. Explain, in detail, two methods of converting a soundfile sampled at 48 kHz to 32 kHz without changing the pitch.

6. What are the limitation of using MIDI sequencers in interactive musical performances as compared to human performers. Is it better than using a tape? Why? How can it be improved?