Synthesis Theory

Final Exam (Fujinaga, Spring 1997)

Write your answers in the blue exam booklet. Return this exam.

(Each question is worth 10 points.)

1. What is the difference between IIR filter and FIR filter. What are the characteristics of each? When are these filters unstable?

2. What does ei[[pi]] equal to? What is the complex number i? Why is it so important in synthesis theory?

3. State the convolution theorem. Give an example of its application.

4. What kind of filter is used in the heterodyne filters? How is it used? What is its purpose?

5. Convolve the following two sequence of numbers:

0 2 1 5 -3 4

1 -2 1 0 2

6. What kinds of filters are used in the Csound's reverb unit? How are they connected? Show with a diagram. Why does it simulate reverberation?

7. What are the fundamental differences between LPC and Phase Vocoder? Discuss some of the advantages and the disadvantages.