Expandable Outlines

This demonstration creates a user-friendly outline-style table of contents for a multi-frame window in Navigator 3.0. The sample data here is inconsequential, but representative of the kind of hierarchical information you might like to have an outline pointing to.

Among the new language features in this version are pre-cached images and Array objects.

Great care has gone into making this outline as generalizable as possible, making it easy for you to adapt it to your site. In addition to specifying information for the outline, you can also easily insert different widget art, adjust the amount of indentation, and customize font information for each item in the outline (see the big red "Pickles" in the outline to the left?).

Instructions: To start, click on any of the widget icons below the divider bar in the left frame. Clicking on any of the text links displays the relevant portion of a document in this frame.

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