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The number four

  • Four steps to Programming Nirvana (2005/09/01) :
    1. Make it run
    2. Make it run right
    3. Make it run right all the time
    4. Make it run fast
  • Ich's four times rule (2005/09/01) :
    1. When planning to work with technology, estimate the worst-case, the absolute maximum time a project can take.
    2. Multiple that time by four for the time to complete the project
  • Four quotes on writing and presentation (2008/01/03)
    1. "Think!" (on the back of a beer coaster in a pub in Leeds, UK)
    2. "Don't make me think!" (the title of a book by Steve Krug)
    3. "Say what you're going to say, say it, then say what you've said." (anonymous? Taught to me by Prof. Susan Forscher Weiss)
    4. "Appearance is everything." (Joe Sarlo)
  • Four favourite drummers (2005/09/01)
    1. Steve Gadd
    2. Bill Bruford
    3. Dennis Chambers
    4. Yoshikazu Fujimoto
  • Four favourite female vocalists (2005/09/03)
    1. Christina Aguilera
    2. Gabriela Anders
    3. Kumi Koda
    4. Joni Mitchell
  • Four favourite poutine restaurants (2005/09/03)
    1. Monsieur Poutine (Horace au Boluvard, Drummondville)
    2. Patate Plus (Val-Bélair, north of Québec City)
    3. Fromagerie Côté (the home of Kingsey cheese, Warwick: Take exit 210 on Route 20, 131 km east of Montréal; just bought up by Saputo, a big Montreal cheese company, March 2005) (Now called La Fromagerie1860 Du Village; not sure if they still serve poutine, January 2012). An alternative would be the Fromagerie Lemaire (Route 20 exit 170 near Drummondville).
    4. Cantine Lila (just off Route 20 at exit 147, Upton / Acton Vale, 60 km east of Montréal, Summer only)
  • Four reasons to hire musicians (not necessarily as musicians) (2006/05/23)
    1. Musicians really understand hard deadlines because of their concerts and recitals.
    2. Musicians understand team work because that's what they learn when they play together.
    3. Musicians are disciplined as they practiced 4-6 hours a day, everyday for a number of years.
    4. Musicians are creative, not only artistically, but because they are always thinking about ways to be effective in their practice so that they can finish practicing and party!
  • Four musical discoveries (2006/08/23)
    1. Nami Tamaki
    2. Sekoya
    3. Isidro Infante
    4. Loco Locass (Groove Grave)


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