Feature Selection and Weighting

Random Mutation Hill Climbing

Prototype and Feature Selection by Sampling and Random Mutation Hill Climbing Algorithms (1994) (pdf)

Prototype Selection for Composite Nearest Neighbor Classifiers (1995)

Selection of Relevant Features and Examples in Machine Learning (1997)   Avrim L. Blum, Pat Langley
Check its 38 citations

Feature Subset Selection Using A Genetic Algorithm
                  (1997)  (Correct)  (48 citations)
      Jihoon Yang and Vasant Honavar Artificial Intelligence Research Group...
        Genetic Programming 1997: Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference

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Data used:

Kohavi, Langley, Yun. The Utility of feature...
DIET: Anneal, Chess, Sgment, Soybean-Large, Vehicle, LED24, Breast, Hypothid, Mushroom, Vote, LED7
Feature weighting, no improvement using weights

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Various including wine and Reuters

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Mammogram, Sonar, Mushroom



Feature selection:

Forward selection
Backward selection
Forward & Backward selection
Genetic algorithm
Random mutation hill climbing
Fractal dimensions (Traina, Traina, Wi, Faloutsos)
Correlation-based (Hall, Smith)

Feature weighting:

Genetic algorithm
WINNOW (Blum & Langley)