Peabody Digital Audio Archive Project (PDAAP)

Preservation - theirs are the guidelines that we really have to pay attention to.
Current specifications on audio preservation can be found at - library of congress - the gods of archives speaking lopcate

Harmonica (Europe)


Canadian Council of Archives

Open Software


Hard Disks


80 Ultra DMA 100: 82GB 9ms 5400rpm (up to 100MB/sec) ($175)
D536X Ultra DMA 100 (4W100H6): 100GB  12ms 5400 rpm (June 2001) ($234)

(introduced 2001/10/29)
D540X Ultra DMA 133 (4G160J8): 160GB  12ms 5400 rpm  $330 (Big Drive Technology,> 128GB limit) ($300)
D540X Ultra DMA 133 (4G120J6): 120GB  12ms 5400 rpm  $280
DiamondMax Plus D740x (7200rpm) 80GB ($230)

Western Digital ata/100 7200rpm WD1000BB $225

3Ware Escalade 7000 Series
Escalade 7810: ATA/100 RAID 5, 8 drives,  >180MB/sec on reads ($695)
Escalade 7850 (R5 Fusion):  ATA/100 RAID 5, 8 drives, >180MB/sec on reads ($875)
Escalade 6800: ATA/66 RAID 5, >180MB/sec on reads ($395)

Silicon Image Sil 0680: PCI to Ultra ATA/133 host controller chip BigDrive compatible)

Promise Technology Supertrak SX6000 ATA/100 RAID 5 Controller (up to six drive) ($314)

Adaptec RAID 2400A: ATA/100 RAID 5 linux (4 drives) ($309)

RAID Subsystems:
Promise Technology Ultratrak100 TX8 (SCSI-to-Ultra ATA/100) Ultra2 LVD SCSI, up to 8 drives ($1746)

RAID software:
Silicon Image Medley: RAID 0, 1, 0+1 with DMA 133, up to four ATA drives

Servers (minimum: P3-1GHz 4GB memory):
IBM xSeries 220 $800

Tape Storage:
Seagate Viper 200 $5,000; 100GB native; 57.6GB/hr native
Ultrium LTO 110GB $150

Seagate Viper 2000 (10-slot) $10,000

Exabyte 215M: $8,000; 900GB native; 86.4GB/hr
Mammoth tapes; 15 cartridge slots
Mamoth-2 225M AME tape 60GB $78

Exabyte 215M-PLUS (bar code scanner): $9,200

Exabyte 221L: $10,000; 2.1 TB native, 108GB/hr native
LTO tape 100GB $150

HP SureStore Ultirum 215 LTO $3,700 UTLRA2; 27GB/hr ($3331)
HP SureStore Ultirum 230 LTO $4,700 ULTR2-wide; 54GB/hr native

HP Ultrium 100GB tape $78
HP Ultrium 200GB tape $119

DDS4: 20GB native; 11GB/hr; e.g. HP DAT40E ($1250) $25/tape
DLT: 40GB native; 11GB/hr; e.g. HP DLT VS80E ($1500) $55/tape

Compaq SDLT
Dell PowerVault 110T LTO
IBM 3580 (Ultrium TD1)
Quantum SDLT 110GB native; 39.6GB/hr ($4800)

Sony GY-8240

Tandberg SDLT

SDSC (San Diego Super Computer)
Chicao Astronomy RAID Machine (4 Terabyte < $30k)

Laser Turntable

Started 2001.11.30 Ichiro Fujinaga