MUMT307 – Music & Audio Computing II

Instructor: Dr. Ichiro Fujinaga

Assignment 1 – 14/01/2014

Assignment 2 – 28/01/2014

A visualizer demonstrating the effects of a digital filter on an audio signal

Assignment 3 – 11/02/2014

A graphic equalizer using peaking filters
A graphic equalizer using bandpass filters

Assignment 4 – 11/03/2014

A convolution reverb unit

Assignment 5 – 25/03/2014

A digital replica of a G-Sonique GSXL4070 Solid State Mix Equalizer, constructed entirely in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
N.B.: constructed in the Google Chrome (v. 33.0.1750.154) browser on Windows 7. Fully functional in Mozilla Firefox 27.0.1 and Apple Safari 5.1.10, but certain CSS elements don't display properly.

Final Project: A Virtual Sound Space using Web Audio API – 20/04/2014

Proposal (01/04/2014)