Mark Zadel

Different Strokes

Different Strokes screenshot

Compiled version (Mac OS X / Intel, January 2010): dmg
Compiled version (Mac OS X 10.4, January 2010): dmg
Code (Mac OS X, old snapshot (2007)): tarball
Thesis: pdf
Article: pdf (presented at NIME2006)
Article: pdf (presented at ICMC2006)


Different Strokes is a software system for performing music on a computer. It aims to allow a performer to create much of his or her performance sequences on-stage instead of relying on prepared control material.

The program resembles a freehand drawing application. The drawn strokes create animated figures whose motion is mapped to sample playback. The musician performs by assembling networks of strokes live, generating audio patterns.


Comments or questions are welcome at: zadel at music dot mcgill dot ca.