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Multimedia material cannot be uploaded directly to your application (i.e. Minerva or uApply).
Please use this web page to upload material in support or your undergraduate or graduate application.
Some applicants may require additional space beyond that provided on the application.
Please use this form to submit “additional” material.

Who should use this page:

Undergraduate: all screening and recorded audition material, additional scores and audio for undergraduate composition applicants.
Graduate: (Performance) all screening and recorded audition material.
(Music Research) audio samples and additional documents that cannot be uploaded to uApply such as composition scores, etc.

Accepted Media Formats:

Audio Files: MP3, for Sound Recording wave format only (WAV)
Video Files: AVI, MOV, MP4, or WMV
Other Documents: PDF
All other formats will not be accepted

Individual files cannot exceed 499MB with a total permitted upload of 1.8GB.

Upload times can vary depending on file size(s) and upload speed (determined by service provider),
e.g. with a broadband connection a 250MB file can take 45 minutes to upload.

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