Vendredi 5 mars

Jour 5 / Day 5

MUSIC AND GESTURE 3 Conference (MG3)
Marcelo M. Wanderley, Jon Wild, Sha Xin Wei, Coordinators

Tanna Schulich Hall
Highlighting Structural Issues in Musical Performance with Optical Finger Tracking
- J. MacRitchie, N. J. Bailey, G. Hair

Performers’ Body Motion and Phrase Structure: The role of velocity magnitude
- B.Buck, N. Bailey, J. MacRitchie, R. Parncutt

Facial expressions in speech and singing
- S. R. Livingstone, C. Palmer, W. F. Thompson, M. Wanderley

Coordination of facial muscle activation, intraoral pressure and mouthpiece force during trumpet playing: preliminary findings
- V. Fréour, T. Bianco, I. Cossette, F. Bevilacqua, R. Caussé
Tanna Schulich Hall
Coordination of Musical Performance and the Role of Gesture Between Co-Performers
- N. Romano, S Brennan

Actual versus perceived embodiment of a rhythmic pulse
- G. Luck, P. Toiviainen, M. R. Thompson

Choreo-musical Space Frames and Implications of Multi-channel Audio in Dance Performance
- P. V. Swendsen
Tanna Schulich Hall
The Fingerboard Instruments: Reframing Lutherie without Strings
- A. Freed

Constructing a Personalizable Gesture-recognizer Infrastructure for the K-Bow
- R. Fiebrink, M. Schedel, B. Threw

Concurrence and Counteraction in Musical Gesture and Form
- D. A. Stewart, J. Malloch

Enphonic Graphomania
- P. H. Harrop
Tanna Schulich Hall
Keynote 1
Prof. Brian Rotman, Ohio State University

Langage du corps, humanoïdes et Mephisto: s’amuser jusqu’au geste ultime, ¡Olé! / Body Language, Humanoids and Mephisto: We entertain to the Final Gesture; ¡Olé!

Concert 4
Vinko GLOBOKAR / Corporel, 1984
Aiyun Huang , soloist

Michael GANDOLFI / Vientos y Tangos, 2002
McGill Wind Symphony (Alain Cazes, cond.)

Taylor BROOK / MotorMan, 2009 (Création – World Premiere)
McGill Wind Symphony (Alain Cazes, cond.)

Mark APPLEBAUM / Straitjacket, 2009 (Création montréalaise – Montreal Premiere)
Aiyun Huang + McGill Percussion Ensemble

Intermission 1

Franz LISZT / Valse Méphisto, 1862
Richard Raymond, piano

Mauricio KAGEL / Dressur, 1976-77
McGill Percussion Ensemble: Eric Derr + Ben Duinker + Parker Bert

Intermission 2

Georges APERGHIS / Le Corps à corps, 1978
Aiyun Huang , soloist

Marlon SCHUMACHER / De Vive Voix II, 2006-09 (Création canadienne – Canadian Premiere)
Julieanne Klein , soprano + DCS/CIRMMT

Mauricio KAGEL / Finale, 1980-81
Contemporary Music Ensemble (Denys Bouliane, cond.)
(special collaboration from Patrick Hansen)