Samedi 6 mars

Jour 6 / Day 6

MUSIC AND GESTURE 3 Conference (MG3)
Marcelo M. Wanderley, Jon Wild, Sha Xin Wei, Coordinators

Tanna Schulich Hall
Dmitri Shostakovich’s deformational sonata-form gestures and the interpretive implications
- S. Reichardt

Heightened Harmonic Gesture in Wagner's Music Dramas
- D. H. Smyth

Defaulting to Gesture: How Listeners Extract Meaning in the Absence of Cognitively Accessible Musical Organization
- R. S. Hatten

Whither Gestural Analysis?
- P. McCreless
Tanna Schulich Hall
Gesture and Agency in Responsive Media
- X. W. Sha

Movement Prosody - Emergence of Collective Action
- S. P. Gill

Computer evaluation of musical gesture in sound structure
- C. Dobrian
Tanna Schulich Hall
Key-postures and trajectories in music-related gestures
- R. I. Godøy

Analysis of musical gestures using Empirical Mode Decomposition
- P. Toiviainen

Study on Gesture-Sound Similarity
- B. Caramiaux, F. Bevilacqua, N. Schnell

Encoding emotion: how performers manipulate tempo locally to convey affect
- M. Swoboda, M. Wagner
Tanna Schulich Hall
Keynote 2
Dr. Anthony Gritten, Middlesex University

Figures performatives, corde raide, déanchement d’anche, du son à l’invocation / Performative Figures, Tightrope, Reedy Demeanor, from Sound to Invocation

Concert 5
Jimmie LEBLANC / J'ai pilé sur la nuit et elle est toute noire de frayeur, 2009 (Création mondiale – World Premiere)
Contemporary Music Ensemble (Denys Bouliane, cond.)

Georges APERGHIS / The Only Line, 2008 (Création canadienne – Canadian Premiere)
Mira Benjamin, soloist + DCS/CIRMMT

Ana SOKOLOVIC / Concerto pour basson et sept cordes graves, 2009 (Création canadienne – Canadian Premiere)
Contemporary Music Ensemble (Denys Bouliane, cond.) + Stéphane Lévesque, soloist + DCS/CIRMMT
(special collaboration from Patrick Hansen)


Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN / Inori, 1973-74 (Création nord-américaine – North-American Premiere)
Contemporary Music Ensemble (Denys Bouliane, cond.) + Atelier de musique contemporaine de l’UdeM (Lorraine Vaillancourt, cond.) + Alain Louafi, Agnieszka Kus; solo mime-dancers + DCS/CIRMMT