The ACE GUI is currently under construction. Currently it serves as a tool for viewing and editing ACE XML files. Eventually, the GUI will be able to be used to perform experiments on data sets. It is divided into six panels: Taxonomy, Features, Instances, Preferences, Classification Settings and Experimenter. The Taxonomy, Features, and Instances panels allow the user to view ACE XML files. The Preferences, Classifications Settings, and Experimenter panels are not currently fully implemented, but they are the next development priority. In the near future, the Experimenter panel will provide the ability to perform experiments.

Taxonomy Panel

This panel displays the contents of an ACE XML Taxonomy file. Users are able to view, edit, load, and save class ontologies on which classifications can be based.


Feature Definitions Panel

The Feature Definitions Panel represents the contents of an ACE XML feature definitions file. This panel allows users to view, edit, load and save feature definitions. This information relates to features themselves, not to actual feature values extracted from features.

The features are displayed in table form. This table may be sorted based on the contents of a given column by clicking on the appropriate column heading. The contents of any row may be changed by double clicking on any entry on the table (or clicking once, in the case of check boxes). Columns may also be reordered by dragging their headings. All features must have unique names and must have at least 1 dimension. Any attempt to enter invalid entries will be rejected by the system.


Instances Panel

This panel represents the combined contents of both the ACE XML feature vectors file and the ACE XML model classifications file. This panel allows users to view, edit, load and save the classifications and feature values of a data set. This information relates to the actual feature values, not the features themselves.

If feature vectors and classifications are loaded for the same instance, all information for that instance will be presented in one row. For subsections, start and stop times indicate the boundaries of the sub-section feature vectors, and the Classes column includes all classifications that overlap with that sub-section. The specific time of the overlap of class labels within a sub-section is indicated within parentheses after the class name.


Project Files Dialog Box

The File Path Settings dialog box can be used to find, store, and edit ACE configuration file paths. These are the component files of an ACE project. This window can be accessed by clicking Load Configuration Files in the File menu.


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