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The ACE zip file contains all component files of an ACE project. As opposed to the ACE XML project file, which only stores reference to the component files of an ACE project, the ACE zip file contains the actual ACE XML files themselves. Similarly to the ACE project file, the ACE zip file allows the user to load an ACE project with with only one file. The ACE zip file is also convenient for sharing and storing an ACE project. For a detailed explanation of how to load an ACE project from an ACE zip file, using either the zip command line or GUI, see the ACE manual.

Details of ACE Zip File

The compression of an ACE zip file is performed using the package. When ACE saves an a zip file, the specified component ACE XML files will be compressed, as well as two extra files: an ACE XML project file and a special file with the extension ".sp" that are automatically written by ACE. The project file will specify the paths to the files being compressed in the zip file. The .sp file will have the same base file name as the project file and will contain only one line of text specifying the name of the project file for this ACE zip file. The purpose of this .sp file is to give ACE a way of identifying the ACE XML project file when unzipping an ACE zip file. Once ACE can parse the ACE XML project file, it is able to associate each ACE XML file in the ACE zip file with the appropriate ACE datatype (Taxonomy, FeatureDefinition, DataSet, and SegmentedClassification) and hereby load the project.

For more information about how to create and use ACE Zip files, please refer to the Zip Utilities section of the ACE Manual.

Related Publications

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