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rtmidi_c.h File Reference
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stddef.h>

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struct  RtMidiOutPtr
 Wraps an RtMidi object for C function return statuses. More...


typedef void(* RtMidiCCallback) (double timeStamp, const unsigned char *message, size_t messageSize, void *userData)
 The type of a RtMidi callback function.


enum  RtMidiApi {
 MIDI API specifier arguments. See RtMidi::Api. More...
enum  RtMidiErrorType {
 Defined RtMidiError types. See RtMidiError::Type. More...


RTMIDIAPI const char * rtmidi_get_version ()
 Return the current RtMidi version. ! See RtMidi::getVersion().
RTMIDIAPI int rtmidi_get_compiled_api (enum RtMidiApi *apis, unsigned int apis_size)
 Determine the available compiled MIDI APIs.
RTMIDIAPI const char * rtmidi_api_name (enum RtMidiApi api)
 Return the name of a specified compiled MIDI API. See RtMidi::getApiName().
RTMIDIAPI const char * rtmidi_api_display_name (enum RtMidiApi api)
 Return the display name of a specified compiled MIDI API. See RtMidi::getApiDisplayName().
RTMIDIAPI enum RtMidiApi rtmidi_compiled_api_by_name (const char *name)
 Return the compiled MIDI API having the given name. See RtMidi::getCompiledApiByName().
RTMIDIAPI void rtmidi_open_port (RtMidiPtr device, unsigned int portNumber, const char *portName)
 Open a MIDI port.
RTMIDIAPI void rtmidi_open_virtual_port (RtMidiPtr device, const char *portName)
 Creates a virtual MIDI port to which other software applications can connect.
RTMIDIAPI void rtmidi_close_port (RtMidiPtr device)
 Close a MIDI connection. See RtMidi::closePort().
RTMIDIAPI unsigned int rtmidi_get_port_count (RtMidiPtr device)
 Return the number of available MIDI ports. See RtMidi::getPortCount().
RTMIDIAPI int rtmidi_get_port_name (RtMidiPtr device, unsigned int portNumber, char *bufOut, int *bufLen)
 Access a string identifier for the specified MIDI input port number.
RTMIDIAPI RtMidiInPtr rtmidi_in_create_default (void)
 Create a default RtMidiInPtr value, with no initialization.
RTMIDIAPI RtMidiInPtr rtmidi_in_create (enum RtMidiApi api, const char *clientName, unsigned int queueSizeLimit)
 Create a RtMidiInPtr value, with given api, clientName and queueSizeLimit.
RTMIDIAPI void rtmidi_in_free (RtMidiInPtr device)
 Free the given RtMidiInPtr.
RTMIDIAPI enum RtMidiApi rtmidi_in_get_current_api (RtMidiPtr device)
 Returns the MIDI API specifier for the given instance of RtMidiIn. See RtMidiIn::getCurrentApi().
RTMIDIAPI void rtmidi_in_set_callback (RtMidiInPtr device, RtMidiCCallback callback, void *userData)
 Set a callback function to be invoked for incoming MIDI messages. See RtMidiIn::setCallback().
RTMIDIAPI void rtmidi_in_cancel_callback (RtMidiInPtr device)
 Cancel use of the current callback function (if one exists). See RtMidiIn::cancelCallback().
RTMIDIAPI void rtmidi_in_ignore_types (RtMidiInPtr device, bool midiSysex, bool midiTime, bool midiSense)
 Specify whether certain MIDI message types should be queued or ignored during input. See RtMidiIn::ignoreTypes().
RTMIDIAPI double rtmidi_in_get_message (RtMidiInPtr device, unsigned char *message, size_t *size)
RTMIDIAPI RtMidiOutPtr rtmidi_out_create_default (void)
 Create a default RtMidiInPtr value, with no initialization.
RTMIDIAPI RtMidiOutPtr rtmidi_out_create (enum RtMidiApi api, const char *clientName)
 Create a RtMidiOutPtr value, with given and clientName.
RTMIDIAPI void rtmidi_out_free (RtMidiOutPtr device)
 Free the given RtMidiOutPtr.
RTMIDIAPI enum RtMidiApi rtmidi_out_get_current_api (RtMidiPtr device)
 Returns the MIDI API specifier for the given instance of RtMidiOut. See RtMidiOut::getCurrentApi().
RTMIDIAPI int rtmidi_out_send_message (RtMidiOutPtr device, const unsigned char *message, int length)
 Immediately send a single message out an open MIDI output port. See RtMidiOut::sendMessage().

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