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Sonata Form


Let's Practice 9.4
Mozart, Piano Sonata in G, K. 283
second movement, 1–14 (R=½N)

  1. in the middle of m. 4, with a HK: PAC
  2. period; symmetrical grouping structure, set in the home key, functionally efficient, ends with PAC
  3. middle of m. 8, with a SK: HC; modulating
  4. hybrid (compound basic idea + continuation); modulation, ends with HC
  5. downbeat of m. 14
  6. sentence; it is longer, contains different melodic–motivic material, is looser in form; abandoned cadential progression at end of m. 11, evaded cadence in the middle of m. 12 motivates a new cadential idea in m. 13
  7. yes; in the first two beats of m. 14 (both endings)
  8. retransition

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