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Package wiat

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The Wind Instrument Acoustic Toolkit

This toolkit consists of a package of computer programs useful for researchers in wind instrument musical acoustics and eventually, the wind instrument designer as well. It includes both simulation and measurement capabilities. Researchers from musical acoustics laboratories around the world are invited to collaborate in its development to keep it up to date with the latest theoretical results. The capabilities of the software include:

  1. the calculation of linear input impedance from a geometry definition using either a one-dimensional transmission-matrix (TM) method or multimodal method (MM);
  2. optimization routines for the design of wind instrument prototypes;
  3. processing of measurement data for comparison with simulation results;
  4. automatic generation of reports for easy incorporation into publications and/or web sites.

Other suggestions are welcome.

Important notes:

To get started, you can look at the Examples directory.

Version: 0.1.0

Author: Antoine Lefebvre

License: GPLv3

Submodules [hide private]
  • wiat.Data: - Functions to load data from Matlab files and to interpolate the frequency and magnitude of the maxima.
  • wiat.MM: Multimodal (MM) acoustic input impedance calculation
    • wiat.MM.Functions: - Utility functions for the multimodal solver.
    • wiat.MM.Radiation: - Multimodal radiation matrix implementations.
    • wiat.MM.Solver: - Multimodal wave propagation solver.
    • wiat.MM.Waveguides: - Definition of waveguides for use with the multimodal wave propagation solver.
  • wiat.Plot: - Classes for plotting standard impedance plots are defined here.
  • wiat.Reports: - Classes and functions to generate text, html and latex reports
  • wiat.TM: Transmission Matrix (TM) acoustic input impedance calculation.
    • wiat.TM.Functions: - Definition of various useful functions
    • wiat.TM.Inst: - This file contains the class defining an Instrument and the functions CalculateImpedance and CalculateMaxima.
    • wiat.TM.Radiation: - Classes defining the radiation impedance models
    • wiat.TM.Waveguides: - Contains classes defining the transmission matrices for simple geometries and functions to generate them.
  • wiat.instruments: This package contains the definition of real music instruments.
  • wiat.util: - classes and functions that are not specific to the calculation methods.

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  BEMDIR = 'C:\\Documents and Settings\\Antoine Lefebvre\\Mes do...
  MEASUREMENTDIR = 'C:\\Documents and Settings\\Antoine Lefebvre...
  __credits__ = 'Thanks to the U{FQRNT<http://www.fqrnt.gouv.qc....
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'C:\\Documents and Settings\\Antoine Lefebvre\\Mes documents\\Mes Proj\
ets\\Software sources\\wiat\\wiat\\data\\BEM simulation results'


'C:\\Documents and Settings\\Antoine Lefebvre\\Mes documents\\Mes Proj\
ets\\Software sources\\wiat\\wiat\\data\\Impedance measurement data'


'Thanks to the U{FQRNT<>} for financing my\
 doctoral studies.'