Rather than presenting “one” repertoire (on one piano, in one hall, in one idealized concert setting), our recordings feature a variety of ten programs, each with a certain socio-historical theme (e.g., Haydn teaching a countess in Vienna, or a London-based professional pianist playing a sonata on the concert stage), a certain type of player (amateur or professional, male or female, composer or pupil), instrument, and room. We’ve given each program a distinctive title and, to enrich the listener’s experience, we’ve selected images of contemporary paintings or engravings for display on the TV-screen as the music plays.

1. Sonata in A Major HXVI:12 (before 1765) Andante
    Harpsichord Johann Leydecker - Music Room, Eszterháza

2. Sonata in G Major HXVI:6 (before 1760) Minuet / Trio
    Clavichord in Saxon Style - "Room 5," Haydn's House

3. Sonata in G Major HXVI:G1 (before 1760) Finale: Presto
    Harpsichord Johann Leydecker -  Spiegelsaal, Esterházy Palace

4. Sonata in C Minor HXVI:20 (1771) Allegro
    Clavichord in Saxon Style - Study, Haydn's House

5. Sonata in D major HXVI:24 (1773) Adagio - Finale: Presto
    Harpsichord in French Style - Ceremonial Room, Eszterháza

6. Sonata in E-flat Major HXVI:28 (1776 or before) Finale: Presto
    Tafelklavier Ignaz Kober - Salle de Nantes, Château Ramezay

7. Sonata in D Major HXVI:37 (publ. 1780) Allegro con brio
    Fortepiano Anton Walter (stoss) - Music Room, Eszterháza

8. Sonata in E Minor HXVI:34 (c. 1782) Vivace molto
    Tafelklavier Ignaz Kober - Prunkraum, Albertina

9. Variations (“Sonata”) in F Minor HXVII:6 (1793) Andante
    Fortepiano Anton Walter (prell) - Festsaal, Palais Lobkowitz

10.Sonata in C Major, HXVI:50  (probably 1794) Allegro molto
     Piano Longman, Clementi & Co. - Holywell Music Room