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RtMidi.h File Reference
#include <exception>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

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class  RtMidiError
 Exception handling class for RtMidi. More...
class  RtMidi
 An abstract base class for realtime MIDI input/output. More...
class  RtMidiIn
 A realtime MIDI input class. More...
class  RtMidiOut
 A realtime MIDI output class. More...
class  MidiApi
class  MidiInApi
struct  MidiInApi::MidiMessage
struct  MidiInApi::MidiQueue
struct  MidiInApi::RtMidiInData
class  MidiOutApi


typedef void(* RtMidiErrorCallback) (RtMidiError::Type type, const std::string &errorText, void *userData)
 RtMidi error callback function prototype.

Typedef Documentation

◆ RtMidiErrorCallback

typedef void(* RtMidiErrorCallback) (RtMidiError::Type type, const std::string &errorText, void *userData)

RtMidi error callback function prototype.

typeType of error.
errorTextError description.

Note that class behaviour is undefined after a critical error (not a warning) is reported.

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