Music Technology Seminar (MUMT621)

Music Information Acquisition, Preservation, and Retrieval

Outline for Winter 2015

ISMIR Paper submission deadline: 27 April 2015



01/22 No Class


  • Classifiers (genre, instrument, mood, performer, composer, rhythm, beat tracking, etc.)

HTML presentations (20 min)

  • Jeronimo Barbosa: Online Music Stores
  • Lei Fu: Online digital musical document libraries
  • Daniel Miguez: Cantus and Cantus Index
  • Ling-Xiao Yang: IMSLP

Slide-based presentation I

  • Lei Fu: Audio compression
  • Jeonimo Barbosa: Ogg Vorbis
  • Ling-Xiao Yang: MPEG formats
  • Daniel Miguez: Symbolic music formats (MEI, MusicXML, etc.)

Special guest:

  • Andrew Hankinson: Distributed optical music recognition with web services

Slide-based presentation II

  • Lei Fu: AdaBoost
  • Jeronimo Barbosa: Support Vector Machine

Lecture by Chad Wellmon (University of Virginia)
The Big Humanities: A Short History
Leacock 232 (845 Sherbrooke St West): 4pm

  • Reading Week: No class

Slide-based presentation III

  • Daniel Miguez: Neural Networks
  • Ling-Xiao Yang: Hidden Markov models
  • Danile Miguez: Masataka Goto's work



  • Indexing
  • Watermarks


  • Ling-Xiao: Singing transcription
  • Lei Fu: Timbre recognition
  • Jeronimo Barbosa: Beat/tempo tracking

Final project proposal due

Attend CIRMMT Distinguished Lecture by Frans Wiering (University of Amsterdam) from 4:30-6:00pm



Special guests (1:30-3:00pm):

  • Cory McKay, “jMIR” (pdf)
  • Gabriel Vigliensoni: Discovering music listening patterns in scrobble data

Slide-based presentation IV

  • Ling-Xiao Yang: Playlist generation
  • Daniel Miguez: Similarity
  • Jeronimo Barbosa: Genre classification using rhythm
  • Lei Fu: Violin tone quality




Slide-based presentation IV

  • Daniel Miguez: Similarity
  • Lei Fu: Violin tone quality

Final project bibliography due

Final project presentation

  • Ling-Xiao Yang
  • Jeronimo Barbosa
  • Daniel Miguez
  • Lei Fu




Assignment #1 (Due 01/29) 4%

HTML presentation of existing music databases. Describe the content, history, and uses of the database (20 min.):

Assignment #2 (Due 02/12) 6% Slide-based presentation I (20 min.)
  • Slide-based presentation of MPEG formats (MPEG1, MPEG4, MPEG7, MPEG21), Ogg Vorbis / Opus, symbolic formats (MEI, MusicXML, etc.), or audio compression techniques
  • Annotated bibliography HTML page with links

Assignment #3 (Due 2/26) 10% Slide-based presentation II (20 min.)
  • Slide-based presentation of review of topics related to classifiers, e.g.: Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Gaussian Mixture Models, Hidden Markov Models, AdaBoost, or Dynamic Programming; include music information retrieval applications.
  • Written summary (2–3 pages) with complete bibliography (Chicago style, pre-16th edition)

Assignment #4 (Due 03/12) 10% Slide-based presentation III (20 min.)
  • Slide-based presentation on topics of trascription, recognition, annotation, and classification. It may include general review of transcription systems (monophonic, polyphonic, separation): Beat-box transcription, singing transcription, beat/tempo tracking using audio, beat/tempo tracking using MIDI, blackboard polyphonic transcription, Goto's works, historical overviews, real-time pitch tracking, piano music transcription, timbre recognition, genre classification, review of a component of jMIR.
  • Written summary (2–3 pages) with extensive bibliography (Chicago style, pre-16th edition)

Assignment #5 (Due 03/19) 5%
  • Final project proposal (1–2 pages with partial bibliography in Chicago style, pre-16th edition, inlcude sub goals)

Assignment #6 (Due 04/02) 10% Slide-based presentation IV (20 min.)
  • Slide-based presentation on review of topics related to similarity, query systems, recommendation / playlist systems, or exploratory research on topics related to your final project.
  • Annotated bibliography HTML page with links
  • Written summary (2–3 pages) with extensive bibliography (Chicago style, pre-16th edition)

Assignment #7 (Due 04/09) 5%

  • Final project presentation (10 min.)
  • Final project full bibliography (Chicago style, pre-16th edition)

Final project (Due 05/06) 40%
  • Software project with description (2–3 pages)


  • Research paper (5–10 pages)

Reading list


  • Jeronimo Barbosa
  • Lei Fu
  • Daniel Miguez
  • Ling-Xiao Yang
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