Synthesis Theory

Course Outline (Spring, 1999)

Final Exam: May 13: 2-3:20pm

Assignment #1 (due 99/01/26)
Make a dry 8-track recording then mixdown to a DAT adding different effects on each of the 8 channels. The piece should last at least 1 minute. Provide both the 8-track tape and the DAT.
Assignment #2 (due 99/03/02)
Write a survey of a class of Music Input Devices, e.g. wind controllers, guitar interface, and MIDI acoustic piano.

Assignment #3 (due 99/04/29)
Implement a phaser in MSP. You may model it after Sony M7 (Algorithm 10). There should be multiple allpass filters in parallel and/or serial. LFO should be used to control the amount of delay in the allpass filter.


Assignment #4 (Due 99/05/06)

Using MSP, build a usable Reverb patch. Use three to five comb filters in parallel and one to three allpass filters in series. The default interface should not have more than three sliders controlling input gain, output gain, and amount of reverb (wet to dry). Fine tuning of parameters should normally be hidden. Prepare at least four presets (shower stall, medium concert hall, church, cave, etc.)
Andres: Add tapped delay lines.

Ichiro Fujinaga 1999.03.11