Course Outline (Spring, 1999)
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Assignment #1 (due 99/02/18)

A. Write a program that prints out the frequencies for one octave of equal, just, and mean-tone scale, starting at any frequncy specified by the user.

B. Write a program that accepts a 12-tone row and output the row matrix. Be sure to check for correct input. Use letters A, and B, for pitch class 10, and 11, for both input and output.

C. Write a program that accepts any number of notes in pitch-octave notation, e.g., a4, gs5, df3, from stdin then prints out, in ascending order of pitches, the original name, their pitch in frequency, MIDI number, and its pitch class (0-11).
The output should look like:

        df3   300  49  1
        a4    440  69  9
        gs5   850  80  8

Assignment #2 (due 99/02/23)

A. Make the scale program (#1.A) interactive so that the user is prompted for the initial frequencies.

B. Modify the tone row program (#1.B) so that the program will take a file input and produce file output using redirection. The program should be able to process any number of rows contained in the file (one row per line), resulting in multiple matrices in the output file.

C. Modify the pitch program (#1.C) to read the input from a file using fopen() and the output should be written out to another file. The filenames should be specified on the command line or use fopen_mac() on a Mac.

Assignment #3 (due 99/03/09)

A. Write a audio file converters:

Should be able to convert AIFF file with FORM, COMM, and SSND chunks. You may use the following function to convert sampling rates in IEEE 80-bit floating point format: IEEE80.c

Assignment #4 (due 99/03/16)

Write a diff object based on add_assist object (see the Tutorial). The object should be functionally equivallent to Max's built-in "-" (minus) object.

Ichiro Fujinaga 1999.01.17