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(This description is based on that previously published in Sorabji: A Critical Celebration.)

Worldwide interest in the works of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji (1892-1988) has steadily developed since the mid-1970s. At that time, two myths which had long clung about him -- his music's alleged unplayability and his so-called "ban" on public presentations of it -- were finally laid to rest. His actual wish (which admittedly led to a "silence" of almost 40 years) was that none of his works be given publicly without his express consent. Performances, broadcasts, and commercial recordings have since shown that, given suitable circumstances, Sorabji was willing to permit, even encourage his music to be heard, and that musicians now exist who are capable of doing justice to his intentions.

Sorabji's vast corpus of work remained mostly inaccessible to the public for many years. The foundation of the Sorabji Music Archive overcame this. Established in 1988, it houses copies of Sorabji's original manuscripts and a substantial collection of literature by and about him, including correspondence; articles; essays; letters to the editor; reviews of books, music, concerts, and recordings; a performance/broadcast history and discography; and many other items of interest.

The Archive now issues copies of these remarkable scores and writings to the public worldwide and welcomes visits by appointment from performers and scholars. Several distinguished musicians have prepared definitive editions (some in manuscript, some printed) of Sorabji's works; more are in progress.

The Sorabji Archive wishes to offer profuse thanks to: Terry Hinton, Grace Keaton, Chris Rice, and Charles Hopkins, for valuable voluntary assistance; George Ross, for undertaking and completing the mammoth task of preparing and indexing Sorabji's literature; Ann Orchard, for librarianship and general assistance; all the editors of Sorabji's music and literature.

All rights in all the musical and literary works of Sorabji are vested exclusively within the Archive.

The Sorabji Music Archive continually updates all the information it provides and welcomes all enquiries concerning Kaikhosru Sorabji.

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