Musical Scores

"When I was 15, my old Master said to me, 'Look,' he said, 'you ought to start composing.' 'Oh,' but I said, 'I never had a thought of doing any such sort of thing.' Well he said, 'Look here, forget all the things I've taught.' So I thought, 'All right,' and I started writing sort of short cadences - you know, very much à la Ravel - and he said, 'Oh, yes, yes, yes, you must go on,' so the next thing was a concerto!" - Kaikhosru Sorabji, television interview, 1977.

The role of Oxford University Press as the selling agency for Sorabji's publications ended in 1988 once these had all become out-of-print. No reprints are planned, so all scores are supplied as photocopies (almost all A3) of manuscripts (in Sorabji's own hand unless otherwise indicated), out-of-print publications, and new editions (either printed or in the editor's hand), double-sided, and enlarged when feasible to aid legibility. Print quality is the highest achievable from the originals.

Some loss of clarity of blue-grey feint printed stave lines (at times very faint) has been unavoidable in some post-1975 works. Reproductions of original manuscripts not held in the Archive collection are from paper copies of microfilms of varying quality. Some text has been touched-up and pagination added or corrected. Items are supplied ring-bound in card covers unless otherwise requested. All items are supplied by the Sorabji Archive unless otherwise specified. Prices quoted include packing and mailing within the UK only.

[In general I have preserved Sorabji's titles - complete with misspellings and inconsistencies - but some of them have been altered for the sake of clarity. Also, certain accent markings are not available through HTML. See Sorabji: A Critical Celebration, edited by Paul Rapoport, for a more accurate rendition. - ENS.]

You may browse the entire list or examine sections by instrumentation:


Suggested Bell-Chorale for St. Luke's Carillon (1961)
(Carnpanile of St. Luke's Church, Germantown, Philadelphia)
New edition (Hamelin): 5
Ms.: 4

Chamber ensemble

Piano Quintet No.1 (1920)
Copy publication - score: 15
Copy publication - score and parts: 20
Ms.: 35 (in the hand of a copyist, annotated by the composer)

Piano Quintet No. 2 (1932-33)
Score: 90
Parts: N/A

Concertino non grosso for String Septet with Piano obbligato quasi continuo (1968)
(4 violins/viola/2 celIos/piano)
Score: 15
Parts: N/A

Il tessuto d'arabeschi (1979)
(flute/string quartet)
Score: 19
Parts: see William Marsh, 12 Farmington Place, Newtown, PA 18940

Fantasiettina atematica (1981)
New edition (Burton-Page): Score 5; Parts (Score x3) 11
Ms.: 4


Poem, Chaleur (1917)
Full Score: 15
Parts: N/A

Symphony [No. 1] for Piano, Large Orchestra, Chorus, and Organ (1921-22)
Full Score: 220
Min. Score: 70
Parts: N/A

Opusculum (1923)
Full Score: 15
Parts: N/A

Symphony [No. 3], Jami, for Large Orchestra, Wordless Chorus, and Baritone Solo (1942-51)
Full Score: 550
Min. Score: 205
Parts: N/A

Messa alta sinfonica (1955-61)
(orch./organ/8 vocal soli/chorus)
Full Score: 650
Min. Score: 250
Parts: N/A


Symphony [No. 1] for Organ (1923-24)
Corrected copy publication (Bowyer): 30
Ms.: 20

Second Symphony for Organ (1929-32)
New edition (Bowyer): 95
Ms.: 75

Third Organ Symphony (1949-53)
Price: 70


Sonata (1917)
Price: 9

Quasi habanera (1917)
New critical edition (Roberge): 10
Ms.: 4

Désir éperdu (fragment) (1917)
Price: 4

Two Piano Pieces
(i) In the Hothouse (1918)
(ii) Toccata (1920)
Copy Publication: 7
Ms.: N/A

Fantaisie espagnole (1919)
Corrected copy publication (Amato/Rice) : 13
Ms. (version 1): 8
Ms. (version 2): 7

Sonata [No. 1] for Piano (1919)
Copy publication: 11
Ms.: 11

Prelude, Interlude, and Fugue for Piano (1920, 1922)
Copy publication: 7
Ms.: N/A

Sonata seconda for Piano (1920)
Copy publication: 16
Ms.: 13
Ms.: 11 (in the hand of a copyist, annotated by the composer; to supply this item we require written permission from the owners. To obtain this, please write to: Musikabteilung, Deutsche Staatsbibliothek, Unter den Linden 8, Postfach 1312, 1086-Berlin, Germany.)

Sonata III for Piano (1922)
Copy publication: 20
Ms.: 18

Three Pastiches for Piano (1922)
(i) Waltz in D flat major, Op. 64/1 (Chopin)
(ii) "Habanera" from Carmen (Bizet)
(iii) "The Song of the Hindu Merchant", from Sadko (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Copy publication (i): 5
New critical edition (Roberge, ii/iii): 16
Ms. (i): 6 (in the hand of a copyist, annotated by the composer)
Ms. (i/ii/iii): 6

Le jardin parfumé - Poem for Piano Solo (1923)
Copy publication: 10
Ms.: 6

Valse-fantaisie for Piano Solo (hommage à Johann Strauss) (1925)
Corrected copy publication (Amato/Rice): 12
Ms.: 7

Variazioni e fuga triplice sopra "Dies irae" per pianoforte (1923-26)
Price: 47

Fragment Written for Harold Rutland (1926 rev. 1928/37)
New critical edition (Roberge): 11
Ms.: 5

Toccata [No. 1] for Piano (1928)
Price: 17

Nocturne, Jami (1928)
New edition (Hopkins): 22
Ms.: 9

Sonata IV for Piano (1928-29)
Price: 30

Passacaglia (unfinished, 1929)
Price: 11

Toccatinetta sopra C. G. F. (1929)
New edition (Amato): 8
Ms.: 5

Opus clavicembalisticum (1929-30)
Copy publication and analysis ex. ms.: 60
Ms.: 60
Note that the first publication of Sorabji's analysis of this work is in the book accompanying John Ogdon's recording of it.

Symphony II for Piano, Large Orchestra, Organ, Final Chorus, and Six Solo Voices (1930-31)
(complete piano part of work originally intended for piano/orch/soli/chorus but abandoned as such)
Price: 75

Fantasia ispanica (1933)
Price: 15

Pasticcio capriccioso sopra Op. 64 No. I dello Chopin (1933)
New critical edition (Roberge): 10
Ms.: 5

Toccata seconda per pianoforte (1933-34)
Price: 30

Sonata V {Opus archimagicum} (1934-35)
Price: 75

Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra (1935-37)
(piano only)
Price: 120

Tantrik Symphony for Piano Alone (1938-39)
Price: 68

Transcription in the Light of Harpsichord Technique for the Modern Piano of the Chromatic Fantasia of J. S. Bach, Followed by a Fugue (1940)
(transcription with BWV 948, not Bach's original fugue)
New critical edition (Roberge): 12
Ms.: 7

Quære reliqua hujus materiei inter secretiora (1940)
(based on the story "Count Magnus" by M. R. James)
New edition (Rice): 13
Ms.: 7

Gulistan - Nocturne for Piano (1940)
New edition (Hamelin): 20
Ms.: 9

St. Bertrand de Comminges: "He was Laughing in the Tower" (1941)
(based on the story "Canon Alberic's Scrapbook" by M. R. James)
New edition (Rice): 14
Ms.: 7

Transcendental Studies (1940-44)
New edition (Hamelin), Nos. 1-18: 35
Ms. (1-100; complete): 110

Rapsodie espagnole [de] Maurice Ravel - Transcription de concert pour piano (1945)
Price: 9

Prelude after J. S. Bach (1945)
(transcription of the first movement of BWV 815a)
New critical edition (Roberge): 8
Ms.: 4

Concerto da suonare da me solo e senza orchestra, per divertirsi (1946)
Price: 20

Schlußszene aus Salome von Richard Strauss - Konzertmäßige Übertragung für Klavier zu zwei Händen (1947)
(transcription of the final scene of Salome by Richard Strauss)
Price: 9

Sequentia cyclica super "Dies irae" ex Missa pro defunctis (1948-49)
Price: 75

Un nido di scatole (1954)
Price: 9

Second Symphony for Piano (1954)
Price: 60

Toccata terza (1937?-38?)

Passeggiata veneziana (1955-56)
(based on the "Barcarolle" from The Tales of Hoffman by Jacques Offenbach)
Price: 9

Rosario d'arabeschi (1956)
Price: 13

Third Symphony for Piano Solo (1959-60)
Price: 35

Fantasiettina sul nome iIlustre dell'egregio poeta Christopher Grieve ossia Hugh M'Diarmid (1961)
Publication: 9
Ms. (1987 Bardic Edition publication): may be ordered from the publishers at 6 Fairfax Crescent, Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, HP20 2ES, England.

Fourth Symphony for Piano Alone (1962-64)
Price: 60

[20] Frammenti aforistici (1964)
Price: 6

Toccata quarta (1964-67)
Price: 39

104 Frammenti aforistici (Sutras) (1962-64, 72?)
Price: 10

Fifth Symphony for Piano, Symphonia brevis (1973)
Price: 30
New edition (Amato/Rice): in preparation

Variazione maliziosa e perversa sopra "La morte d'Åse" da Grieg (1974)
New edition (Rice): 4
Ms.: 4

Sixth Symphony for Piano, Symphonia claviensis (1975-76)
Price: 65

[4] Frammenti aforistici (1977)
New edition (Rumson): 5
Ms.: 4
Also available from Sikesdi Press.

Symphonic Nocturne for Piano Alone (1977-78)
Price: 28

"Il gallo d'oro" da Rimskij-Korsakov: Variazioni frivole con una fuga anarchica, eretica e perversa (1978-79)
(variations and fugue on a theme from Le coq d'Or by Rimsky-Korsakoff)
Price: 24

Villa Tasca: Mezzogiorno siciliano - Evocazione nostalgica (1979-80)
Price: 13

Opus secretum (1980-81)
Price: 13

Passeggiata variata (1981)
New edition (Rumson): 5
Ms.: 4
Also available from Sikesdi Press.

[2] Sutra[s] sul nome dell'amico Alexis (1981-84)
New edition (Rice): 5
Ms.: 4

Passeggiata arlecchinesca sopra un frammento di Busoni ("Rondò arlecchinesco") (1981-1982)
(based on material from "Rondò arlecchinesco" by Busoni)
New edition (Amato): 12
Ms.: 8

Piano and orchestra

Concerto pour piano et grand orchestre (No. 1) (1915-16)
Full Score: 40
Parts: N/A

Concerto II pour piano et grand orchestre (1916-17)
FuIl Score: N/A
Parts: N/A
2-piano reduction: 15

Concerto pour piano et orchestra da camera (No. 3) (1918)
Full Score: 25
Parts: N/A

Concerto pour piano et grand orchestre (No. 4) (1918)
Full Score: 25
Parts: N/A

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (No. 5, published as No.2) (1920)
Full Score (copy publication): 35
Ms.: N/A
Parts: N/A
Piano part: 15 (in the hand of a copyist, annotated by the composer)

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (No. 6, described in ms. as No.3) (1922)
Full Score: 35
Parts: N/A

Concerto per pianoforte e piccola orchestra, "Simorg-Anka" (No. 7) (1924)
Full Score: 25
Parts: N/A

Concerto for Piano and Large Orchestra (No. 8, described in ms. as No.5) (1927-28)
Full Score: 240
Min. Score: 78
Parts: N/A
Piano part: 25

Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra (1935-37, 1953-56)
(adapted from solo piano work of same title [q.v.])
Full Score: 365
Min. Score: 135
Parts: N/A

Opus clavisymphonicum - Concerto for Piano and Large Orchestra (1957-59)
Full Score: 230
Min. Score: 75
Parts: N/A
Piano part: 25

Opusculum clavisymphonicum vel claviorchestrale (1973-75)
Full Score: 75
Parts: N/A

Voice and orchestra

Music to The Rider by Night (1919)
(text by Robert Nichols; part lost)
Full Score: 10
Parts: N/A

Cinque sonetti da Michelangniolo Buonarroti (1923)
(baritone and chamber orchestra)
Full Score: 12
Parts: price given on request.

Voice and Organ

Benedizione di San Francesco d'Assisi (1973)
vocal range: e3 - f#4
New edition (Rumson): 5
Ms.: 4
Also available from Sikesdi Press.

Voice and piano

Song, The Poplars (1915)
vocal range: g3 - b5
(text by Ducic, translated Selver, 2 versions)
Both versons: 4

Song, Chrysilla (1915)
vocal range: b-flat3 - c6
(text by de Régnier)
Price: 4

Song, Roses du Soir (1915)
vocal range: c4 - a#5
(text by Louÿs)
Price: 4

Song, L'heure exquise (1916)
vocal range: c4 - g#5
(text by Verlaine)
New edition (Hamelin): 5
Ms: 4

Vocalise pour soprano fioriturata (1916)
vocal range: c4 - c#6
(2 versions)
Both versions: 4

Song, Apparition (1916)
vocal range: c#4 - g#5
(text by Mallarmé)
Price: 4

Song, Hymne à Aphrodite (1916)
vocal range: c#4 - c6
(text by Tailhade)
(2 versions)
Both versions: 5

Song, L'Étang (1917)
vocal range: b3 - b5
(text by Rollinat)
Price: 4

Song, I Was Not Sorrowful (no date)
vocal range: b3 - b5
(text by Dowson)
Price: 4

Song, Le mauvais jardinier (no date)
vocal range: b3 - f#5
(text by Gilkin; incomplete)
Price: 4

Trois fêtes galantes (no date)
(text by Verlaine)
vocal range: e-flat4 - g#5
(i) L'allée
(ii) À Ia promenade
(iii) Dans la grotte
Copy Publication: 5
Ms.: N/A

Trois poèmes pour chant et piano (1918-19)
vocal range: c4 - g#5
(i) Correspondances (Baudelaire)
(ii) Crépuscule du soir mystique (Verlaine)
(iii) Pantomime (Verlaine)
Copy publication: 5
Ms. (iii only): 4

Song, Arabesque (1920)
vocal range: c4 - d5
(text by Shamsu'd-Din Ibrahim Mirza)
Price: 4

Trois poème du "Gulistan" de Sa'di (1926, rev.1930)
vocal range: a3 - g4
(i) La lampe
(ii) La jalousie
(iii) La fidélité
New edition (Wolfson): 10
Ms.: 6

Song, L'irrémédiable (1927)
vocal range: a3 - a5
(text by Baudelaire)
New critical edition (Roberge): 10
Ms.: 5

Vocalise, Movement (1927/31)
vocal range: b-flat3 - g#5
Price: 5

Trois poèmes (1941)
vocal range: b3 - b-flat5
(i) Le faune (Verlaine)
(ii) Les chats (Baudelaire)
(iii) La dernière fête galante (Verlaine)
New edition (Hinton): 8
Ms.: 5

Frammento cantato (1967)
vocal range: b2 - d4
(text by Morland, after Kalidasa)
New edition (Rumson): 5
Ms.: 4
Also available from Sikesdi Press.

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