Acoustic Measurement Microphone Array and Robot (AMMAR)

The Acoustic Measurement Microphone Array and Robot (AMMAR) is a specially-designed 72-element audio sampling system with two distinct array structures:

  • A reconfigurable 8-segment 180-degree arc with 64 evenly distributed transducing elements at a radius of 550 – 590 mm.
  • A dynamically positioned 8-element linear array comb. Comb positioning is numerically controlled in two linear axes of 1400 mm (resolution 0.15 mm) and 800 mm (resolution 0.08 mm). Comb positioning is manually controlled in two rotational axes of 180 degrees each.

Emission elements may be mounted on a numerically control rotary stage. The rotary stage may turn infinitely with a resolution of 7 arc minutes.

All 72 elements may be sampled simultaneously at 48 kHz. The array can be extended to 128 elements by simply adding additional mics, pre-amps, and digital converters.

Emitters can be driven with computer-generated signals for closed-loop measurements, or independently for open-loop measurements.

micarrayviolin2.jpg micarraytrumpet.jpg