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textbook_cover Welcome to the Analyzing Classical Form website! Chapter by chapter, the site provides the scores and audio content of every musical example printed in the text. As well, the site contains supplementary examples and listening quizzes for the materials in Part 1 of the book. The answers to all of the "Let's Practice" and "Reviewing the Theory" questions can also be found on this site.

This website could not have been realized without the wholehearted support of the Schulich School of Music at McGill University, whose students, staff, and administrators contributed greatly to the development of the audio content contained here. Please visit the «Acknowledgments» page for additional details.

If you encounter difficulties in accessing the visual or audio content of this site, please refer to «System Requirements», or click on the "envelope" symbol in the header to send an e-mail to the site's «Administrator». Also, please consult the «Errata, Clarifications & Additional Information» page, which will be updated as necessary. To navigate Supplementary Examples and Quizzes more easily, please refer to the following «Index» and «List».