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Let's Practice 13.2
Mozart, Violin Sonata in B-flat, K. 454
first movement, 49–74

  1. m. 59
  2. mm. 59–64
  3. up a half step; enharmonic reinterpretation—an augmented-sixth chord in m. 61 is reinterpreted as Sc: V7 resolving to VI (note that Mozart notates the reinterpreted version of the harmony, not the augmented-six in B-flat minor)
  4. m. 69; one measure
  5. m. 49; 59, eliding with the beginning of the core
  6. an antecedent (mm. 49–52) is followed by a continuation leading to an evaded cadence (m. 56); the repeat of the continuation ("one more time") concludes with a PAC (m. 59)
  7. m. 72; by means of a home-key half cadence
  8. no; the recapitulation starts immediately after the HC in m. 72

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