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Special Issue Music Perception

A special issue of Music Perception to honor these three books will be organized by guest editors David Temperley, Alexander Rozin and Stephen McAdams, targeting the September 2015 issue. Submission of manuscripts is closed. All manuscripts will be reviewed through the normal procedure. The final versions of all submissions must be accepted by May 31, 2015 to be considered for inclusion in the special issue. Due to the limited page space for a single issue, papers that are deemed acceptable for publication in Music Perception but for which space is not available will appear in subsequent issues of the journal.

Scientific Committee for BKN25 Symposium

  • Claude Alain, Rotman Research Institute & University of Toronto
  • Elaine Chew, Queen Mary University of London
  • Lola Cuddy, Queen's University
  • Zohar Eitan, Tel Aviv University
  • Dan Ellis, Columbia University
  • Robert Hasegawa, McGil University
  • Stephen McAdams, McGill University
  • Alexander Rozin, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • Frank Russo, Ryerson University
  • David Temperley, University of Rochester

Albert Bregman

Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, McGill University
Auditory Scene Analysis: The Perceptual Organization of Sound

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Carol Lynne Krumhansl

Professor, Department of Psychology, Cornell University
The Cognitive Foundations of Musical Pitch

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Eugene Narmour

Professor Emeritus, Department of Music, University of Pennsylvania
The Analysis and Cognition of Basic Melodic Structures

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