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Live@CIRMMT #1 January 22nd,2007

"Fabrice Marandola: Un percussionniste et sa voix"

The first of the Live@CIRMMT concerts took place on Monday, January 22, when Fabrice Marandola premiered a major new piece for percussion and live electronics "Concertino Nervoso" by French composer Arnaud Petit. Works by Séjourné, Geoffroy, Petit, Henze and Drouet for solo percussion and new technology, integrating the voice in all of its forms were presented.

Arnaud Petit was in residence at McGill for two weeks, working on this research/creation project in the McGill Digital Composition Studios. He gave a lecture on January 18th as part of the CIRMMT Distinguished Lecture Series describing his creative and technical work. His presence at CIRMMT and the DCS has been supported by the Consul général de France à Québec.