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MusiMars 2006 Concerts

The following photos were taken during the 2006 MusiMars Festival, held from February 27th to march 3rd at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University. The festival was produced in partnership with the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec. A complete listing of all activities can be found on the festival web site.

Laurie Radford rehearsing the electronics for his piece "Flocking Filling Tracking." This piece, commissioned for the Caput Ensemble by the McGill Digital Composition Studios with the support of the Daniel Langlois Foundation, is for a chamber ensemble of six players, live signal processing and eight-channel surround sound. The speakers in the background are EAW jfx-100s, which are combined with Mackie SWA 1501 subwoofers to create a full-range system. These speakers will be replaced this summer with a new system featuring Meyer UPJ-1Ps and HP-600s.

Haukur Tomasson (l.), visiting composer from Iceland along with Laurie Radford, Denys Bouliane and members of the Caput Ensemble. Backstage following the premiere of Radford's new work.

Denys Bouliane (l.) and the members of the Caput Ensemble, along with Laurie Radford, acknowledge the audience's applause.

Laurie Radford (l.) visits with visiting composer Bent Sorenson (Denmark) after the performance of Mr. Radford's new work for the Caput Ensemble.

Jacob Sudol, graduate student in composition and assistant for the Digital Composition Studios, prepares to run the audio and video cues for Atli Ingolfsson's "Play and Destroy" before the Caput Ensemble concert in Pollack Hall. In the foreground is the DBX Driverack 480R master controller with motorized faders, which provides eight channels of speaker processing (eq, delay, crossover, etc) through two slave DBX Driverack 482 units. The laptop with its lid partially closed above the 480R is running the Sia SmaartLive measurement software for tuning the hall.

Laurie Radford prepares the electronics for his piece "Flocking Filling Tracking," for six players and DSP.

The Caput Ensemble rehearsing in Pollack Hall with Denys Bouliane, conductor. The video screen was used for Atli Ingolfsson's piece "Play and Destroy."

Denys Bouliane (l.) rehearsing with the Caput Ensemble in Pollack Hall.

Brian Harman, Bent Sorenson, Jacob Sudol and Niklas Kambeitz (l.-r.) following a masterclass.

Bent Sorenson (l.) gives advice to graduate composition student Jacob Sudol in a masterclass given as part of MusiMars.

Mauro Lanza (l.) and Professor John Rea in Pollack Concert Hall. Mr. Lanza is a Langlois Foundation Visiting Professor and was in Montreal to work on a research/creation project as part of his professorship. He met with Geof Holbrook, his research assistant for this project.

Icelandic composer Haukur Tomasson rehearses his piece "Vetrarkvidi" for ensemble of 6 players and electronics in Tanna Schulich Hall. This piece was premiered during the MusiMars 2006 Festival.

Members of the Caput Ensemble during rehearsals in Tanna Schulich Hall.

Members of the Caput Ensemble in rehearsal.