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CME April 14th 2010 - Photo Sampler

The following photos were taken during the rehearsal/performance of the CME concert held April 14th in Pollack hall

Composition student Darren Russo (second from right) and the CME set-up for "Tick Tock Bang Bang"

Composition student Matthew Ricketts (standing) talks with members of the CME before rehearsal

The CME set-up for Matthew's "In What Language?"

D. Andrew Stewart's "Catching Air and the Superman" set-up

T-stick performer Eric Derr (left) with D. Andrew Stewart

Eric gets down to business with the T-stick

Lindsay Roberts and her T-stick station

Lindsay goes over the score before the rehearsal

The keyboard station for "Catching Air and the Superman"

Keyboardist Kimihiro Yasaka

Denys Bouliane leads the CME in Ligetti's "Kammerkonzert"

Keyboardist Ashkan Behzadi played both harpsichord and keyboard contoller (for the harmonium)