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DCS "End of Year" party - Photo Sampler

The following photos were taken during the 2009 DCS "End of Year" party . This years party was co-hosted by the CME

A sample of the yummy platters available ! Kudos to Nina Young for the slicing and dicing, as well as the presentation.

DCS director Sean Ferguson with CME director Denys Boulianne

DCS technical director Richard McKenzie with Musictech Ph.D candidate Joe Malloch and Masters oboe student(and T-stick virtuoso) Lindsay Roberts

Doctoral candidate in violin performance Emily Westell with Doctoral candidate in composition Félix Frédéric Baril, Doctoral candidate in performance(bass clarinet) Amy Advocat, Doctoral candidate in composition Roger Feria, Masters violin student Améline Chauvette-Groulx and Ph.D candidate in music education Erika Donald

Masters composition students Anthony Tan and Taylor Brook, Doctoral composition student Eliot Britton, pianist Ashkan Behzadi and violinist Mira Benjamin

Sean Ferguson with musictech masters student Joe Thibodeau, musictech Ph.D student Stephen Sinclair and Percussion masters student Amie Watson

DCS and CME multi-disciplinarian Conor O'neil with Masters composition student Nina Young and composition student August Murphy-King

Flutist Anabel Maler with clarinetist Bradley Powell and ?

Doctoral candidates in composition Eliot Britton and Alexandra Fol look towards the future of music

Masters percussionist (and T-stick virtuoso) Eric Derr with percussionist Isabelle Tardif