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MusiMars 2009 - Heavy Metal Project

The following photos were taken during the 2009 MusiMars Festival's ***Heavy Metal Project***, held Friday March 6th at the Schulich School of Music's Pollack Hall. The ***Heavy Metal Project*** was produced by the DCS in partnership with CIRMMT.

"Kids Eat Crayons" warming up sans Lead Singer

Living a fantasy is Doctoral Composition student Jimmie LeBlanc , guest lead guitarist for "Kids Eat Crayons"

Sean Ferguson poses with the group "Kids Eat Crayons"


Xenia Pestova , Doctoral Candidate in piano performance , aka "Xenia - Heavy Metal Princess"

Not satisfied with his lot as a composer , Doctoral Composition student Eliot Britton aspires to Lead Singer popularity

Percussion student Vicky Shin is a little camera shy

Eliot Britton (right) and "Xeve" (from left) Vicky Shin , Erika Donald and "Xenia - Heavy Metal Princess"

"Xeve" goes Andy Warhol


David Adamcyk's composition "Element 110" was shrouded in secrecy until concert time

Pascale Roy playing Fender Rhodes

Pascale is a blur subjected to the fusion of Ni and Pb !