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Mira Benjamin's Artist Diploma Recital

The following photos were taken during the day of Mira Benjamin's recital, held May 14th,2009 in the Schulich School of Music's Pollack Hall.

Mira rehearing

Mira gets ready to rehearse compositions by Beavan Flanagan and Marielle Groven

Marielle Groven

Marielle Groven seems pleased with the way things are going

Beavan Flanagan

Composition student Beavan Flanagan watches over his Max/MSP patch

Mira Benjamin closeup

Mira is focused as rehearsal comes to an end

Amie with Philip Chiu

Mira and Philip Chiu are ready to tackle Debussy

Mira and percussion quartet

Mira with percussionists (L-R) Eric Derr, Ben Duinker, Sandra Joseph and Parker Bert