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MUCO 542 '09 Class Concert - Photo Sampler

The following photos were taken during the rehearsal for the class concert of MUCO 542 held March 15th at the Schulich School of Music's Tanna Schulich Hall.

Nina Young

Masters Composition student Nina Young was first up for the dress rehearsal ( 9am Sunday ! )

Stephen Davidson

Masters bass clarinet student Stephen Davidson

Matthew Ricketts and David Ertel

Composition student Matthew Ricketts (left) and Cellist David Ertel

Jessica Mays

Masters Composition student Jessica Mays

Amie Watson

Masters Percussion student Amie Watson

Charles-Antoine Frechette

Doctoral candidate in Composition Charles-Antoine Frechette was startled by the flash and not the complexity of the "framework" used in Max/MSP

Amy Horvey

Doctoral candidate in Trumpet Performance Amy Horvey

Jimmie LeBlanc

Doctoral candidate in Composition Jimmie LeBlanc

Ida Toninatov

Baritone Saxophonist Ida Toninato is a doctoral candidate from the Université de Montréal

August Murphy-King

Composition Student August Murphy-King at the controls

Mary Kavalauskas

McGill voice student, Soprano Mary Kavalauskas