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MusiMars 2009 - Photo Sampler (1/2)

The following photos were taken during the 2009 MusiMars Festival at the Schulich School of Music

Graduate Composition students Eliot Britton and Marielle Groven frame John Adams after a Composition Masterclass given by Adams as part of MusiMars.

Percussionists Ben Duinker and Eric Derr with "Franken Kart"

CME Violinist Mira Benjamin

Mira Benjamin and Bass Clarinetist Amy Advocat prepare to rehearse Félix Frédéric Baril's "L'indocile"

Peter Schubert leads the CME, Capella CME + Viva Voce and McGill Percussion Ensemble in Scelsi's "Uaxuctum"

The Soprano soloists miked with AKG 414's

Bass and Tenor soloists miked with AKG 414's

Marlon Schumacher at the mixing board

Fabrice Marandola , Sean Ferguson and Harold Kilanski

The 3 percussion platforms on stage for Grisey's "Le Noir de L'Étoile"

The 3 percussion platforms at the rear of Pollack hall for Grisey's "Le Noir de L'Étoile"

The six percussion students (L to R : Alexander Petrenko , Graeme Tofflemire , Alessandro Valiante , Al Halavrezos , Daniel Hains-Coté and Parker Bert ) who absolutely wowed with their performance of Grisey's "Le Noir de L'Étoile"

Masters Composition students Nina Young and Anthony Tan go over HD-Cam filming tips with CIRMMT technical director Harold Kilanski