Journey File Transfer Software

This software system can be used to transfer files over the Internet using the FTP, Telnet or Windows File Sharing protocols. Functionality is included that allows queues of files to be set up in advance for automated transfer to or from one or more sites. The following documentation is available:

  • Design Document
  • Requirements Document
  • A few minor modifications have been made since the Requirements Document was written.

    All of the Journey software is written in Java. The Java Runtime Environment can be downloaded for free from the web site. At the time of release of this document, the precise URL is Although the Journey system could, in theory, be run on any operating system, it has only been tested on Linux.

    Click on the link below to download a zip file containing the Journey system, including the documentation mentioned above. A README file is included that gives installation instructions. A LIMITATIONS file is also included stating some limitations of the software. The java source files are also included, for those interested in seeing how the software was implemented.


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