DMP / Synth Theory

Course Outline (Spring 2001)

  • Circuit emulators for Linux
  • comp.lsi.cad.FAQ
  • Electronics software
  • Intro to PSpice
  • Chipmunk
  • Synth site

  • Final Project (Due 01/05/18, 10am)
    Assignment #5 (Due 01/04/26)
    Write a reverb in MATLAB with adjustable reverbration time.
    Assignment #4 (Due 01/04/17)
    Write a C MEX function that takes an input and returns the input minus 1. The input can be either a scalar or a matrix.
    Assignment #3 (Due 01/02/08)
    Reverse engineer two of SuperCollider's noise generators:
  • Pink noise (McCartney mod) (KM)
  • Crackle (MD)
  • Dust (JS)
  • LinCong (MD)
  • Rossler (KM)
  • Latoocarfian (JS)

  • Taehi: Use MAX/MASP to produce two sets of white, pink, and brown music using MIDI. One set should vary pitch only. The other set should vary duration as well. Each piece should be around 10-30 seconds.
    Assignment #2 (Due 01/02/01)
    Write a quadratic interpolation oscillator and get timing information
    In addition:
  • Karl: Incorporate pd's osc~ algorithm in SOAP
  • Joe: Explain mathematically the virtues of quadratic interpolation. Emperical results would also be useful, comparing to linear interpolation
  • Mike: Explain the design of your table lookup class
  • Taehi: Compile and run timing.c on Mac OS and collect the timing results for at least three different Macs (312, 314, PowerBook)

  • Assignment #1 (Due 01/01/23)
    Write a linear interpolation oscillator.