CAML currently contains seven research workstations running Linux, OS-X, or Windows operating systems. The lab is also equipped with a workbench and various equipment for conducting acoustic measurements.

Measurement Systems

Signal Acquisition & Conditioning

Hammers, Shakers & Motion Sensing

Pressure Transducers, Conditioners and Drivers


Software (partial list)

  • Fusion 360 (Tutorial)
  • COMSOL 4.4 and Cluster Computing (HOWTO)
  • LabVIEW with Sound & Vibration Toolbox, National Instruments
  • Matlab, The MathWorks
  • LMS Sysnoise (HOWTO)
  • Max/MSP, Cycling '74
  • Tassman, Applied Acoustics
  • String Studio, Applied Acoustics
  • Logic Pro, Apple
  • UAD-2 Ultra PAK, Universal Audio