Classification Panel


This panel allows users to train and classify recordings, and see the results of the training and classifications. The recordings in the Recordings Panel are classified based on the feature settings in the Features Panel and the preferences in the Preferences Panel into the categories in the Taxonomy Panel. The panel is shown in Figure 1 below.

The main display area displays reports on training history, classification results and feature and classifier selections and weightings. These can either be overall reports or reports for individual classifiers. The contents of these reports and their formatting is controlled by the preferences in the Preferences Panel.

This panel allows users to assign different functions to some of its buttons with combo boxes. Each button that has a combo box below it is influenced by the contents of that combo box.


Status Bar

Displays whether or not trained classifiers are available.


Screen Shots

Figure 1: Classification panel showing a classification report.


Figure 2: Progress bar showing progress of classifier training.